Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tues 24th June

I think its about time I introduced the grandchildren to you

This is Emma,(my daughter) and Bethany

Well its Tuesday now and I have done my weekly visit to Nottingham to visit Emma and the grandchildren, we had a lovely day........ we stayed in their house all morning as Bethany was sleeping, she is teething and as she isnt like any other baby she is sleeping more since she started poor little mite also has a bit of a cold.......I spent the morning playing with and reading to Samuel, he is growing up so very fast, he is now going to the "big boys" toilet and its only taken two weeks ......he hasnt had any little "accidents" now for ages so we think we have cracked it

In the afternoon we took Bethany to be weighed and she is putting weight on really well which is a relief......those of you that know me will know how important it is for her to be doing so.

And this is our little man Samuel

Monday, June 23, 2008


Well it's Monday and I have spent most the day clearing up the aftermath of the weekend......... No I am not posting any piccie of that lol...........We had my daughter, Emma and son in law, Nick, and my two grandchildren, Samuel (soon to be 3yrs old) and Bethany (8 months old) staying over for the weekend so they could go to the wedding.....we had a lovely time .......on Sunday me and Brian did a sunday lunch for us all and we all sat around the table just chatting and laughing together, the only thing that was missing was my son, Shaun, he was still down Bristol where he lives with his girlfriend, Jo. Shaun was working all day Saturday so he couldnt make the wedding

Samuel loves coming to my house as he loves going into my craft room, he did some paintings this weekend, I try to get him to do some different crafts each time he comes here, it is very rewarding when he makes a picture for me or one of his family.....as they were leaving to go home Samuel said to me "nannie I am going to get you a present", then he went over to my pebble pool and picked up a pebble and said "this is for you nannie"aawwww isnt he sweet !!

At the end of this post you will see that I have been playing and have managed to do myself a new signature, hope you like it

Sunday, June 22, 2008

These are the cards etc that I lovingly made for the happy couple

This is a money gift card

The Bookatrix card

This is a cake card made using my robo machine and with the help from the lovely ladies at ukscrappers

The Wedding

Well.... all the hard work leading up to the wedding was well worth it....the weather was overcast but it stayed dry for us at the crucial times such as the photographs and going to and from the celebrations

I think you will all agree with me that Clare looked absolutley stunning on the day and they make a fantastic couple

The mini's are friends of Darren's and Clare's as they are in a mini club
this is the website mini site

This is me and clare

Wedding Invites

I was asked to help make wedding invites for one of my favourite niece's and this is the result.....Me and Clare (my niece) made 150 evening ones and 50 daytime ones.....we had such a laugh doing these...... Clare made sure we had an endless supply of sweets and I supplied the wine

Its a wonder any of the images on the cards are straight !!

wicker benches
wicker benches