Monday, June 23, 2008


Well it's Monday and I have spent most the day clearing up the aftermath of the weekend......... No I am not posting any piccie of that lol...........We had my daughter, Emma and son in law, Nick, and my two grandchildren, Samuel (soon to be 3yrs old) and Bethany (8 months old) staying over for the weekend so they could go to the wedding.....we had a lovely time .......on Sunday me and Brian did a sunday lunch for us all and we all sat around the table just chatting and laughing together, the only thing that was missing was my son, Shaun, he was still down Bristol where he lives with his girlfriend, Jo. Shaun was working all day Saturday so he couldnt make the wedding

Samuel loves coming to my house as he loves going into my craft room, he did some paintings this weekend, I try to get him to do some different crafts each time he comes here, it is very rewarding when he makes a picture for me or one of his they were leaving to go home Samuel said to me "nannie I am going to get you a present", then he went over to my pebble pool and picked up a pebble and said "this is for you nannie"aawwww isnt he sweet !!

At the end of this post you will see that I have been playing and have managed to do myself a new signature, hope you like it

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