Friday, August 28, 2009

Been at it again

Oh dear I think Ive got the bug now
I have been playing again, hope you like them

1st ever

I was inspired with this one cos its being set by my mate's little girl, Katie and as its her 1st time in setting a challenge I thought it was the right time for me to do my first challenge card.

If you want to join in with this its here on Shells blog

This is my card, The "Love" is in silver foil but it doessnt show up very well on here
hope I've done it right :)

Good luck Katie with your challenge, hope you get loads of entries!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another one for you....Im really getting into this lol......Ive been busy these last few days as the kiddies have been over to stay at nannies house because its the last week of the holidays and Sam goes back to school next week, oh its gone too fast for me but he is so ready for it again as he has loads of energy, I dont know how the teachers will cope if all the kids have the same amount of energy to use up lol........We took them to a soft play area to let them run off steam, but I think it was me that ran it off lol

This layout is a photo of my Birthday this year, we had a lovely day at Markeaton park near Derby, where there is a paddling pool for the kids with various swings etc, we had a picnic under a tree (which is a good job cos it rained a little bit) then the sun came out and we went for a paddle, the kids loved it and so did me and Emma x

On the way home from Emma's I got stuck on the motorway for two hours and I was only going up two junctions!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Well I have to apologise once again for not posting excuses this time..... just life!!

We did have our barbecue and it was a great evening....I have just started doing digital scrapbooking and am really enjoying it, I have downloaded loads of elements from various sites including scrapgirls and shabby princess (thankyou to all the ladies who supplied them) and I am really enjoying are a few piccies of my first ones....hope you like them

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Here I am again....we (Bri & me) have been busy trying to landscape the garden and to give us a goal to aim at we (I should say me lol) decided that if it was complete by the time my birthday came around I would throw a barbecue/garden party....well its nearly finished and I am trying to organise the party...I have about 2o odd adults coming and approx 12 kiddies....soooo I am pretty busy with it all lol.....I dont do things by halves.....I have never had a bday party before so I gotta make this a guddun hee hee.....I still have my good days and my bad days in health but am trying to just get on with things otherwise I would be doing nothing lol.....I havent been in the craft room too often as I am shattered with all the other things going on so I havent got any cards to show you all yet.......speak again soon

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Well so much for my New Year's resolution eh?.......oh well I guess they are made to be broken lol

I am still in and out of hospital, in fact I only came out last Friday so I am recuperating again, I am getting sick of being sick lol.....This time my throat got inflamed and swollen and it started to close up on me so that was a bit scarey but hey ho we have to deal with things that life throws at us dont problem is that I try to get back to normal (whatever normal is) too quickly so this time I'm making myself do things a bit slower so hopefully I can recuperate better....well thats the plan lol

Hope you all had a lovely Mother's day, I went to the cemetry to lay some flowers for my mum, some tulips because she always loved the beginning of spring when all the tulips and daffs came out.....I was shocked at how many cars there were driving up and down the cemetry grounds.....why cant ppl treat it as it should be "a resting place" instead of wacky races!!,.....I understand that ppl with disabilities need access but surely ppl that can walk should do so and park outside like we did, I had only just come out of hospital but I wouldn't dream of driving through

I guess you have noticed that I haven't put any cards on here lately, thats because I have only made what I needed to make i.e family bdays etc and havent thought to take photos of them before giving them out so I apologise for the lack of get up and go seems to have got up and gone lol

Anyway I will say bye for now and hopefully I will be on top form soon

Luv to all x

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hi all........Yes Im still around lol.....I have been up and down the hospital as I have a rare disease that I wont go into details with but its a debilitating illness and I dont always get the chance to come here much but I had to come and show you all my new haircut....Ive had it all cut off.......What do you think?

I am still doing my crafting and have started parchment craft so will post some pictures soon