Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Well so much for my New Year's resolution eh?.......oh well I guess they are made to be broken lol

I am still in and out of hospital, in fact I only came out last Friday so I am recuperating again, I am getting sick of being sick lol.....This time my throat got inflamed and swollen and it started to close up on me so that was a bit scarey but hey ho we have to deal with things that life throws at us dont problem is that I try to get back to normal (whatever normal is) too quickly so this time I'm making myself do things a bit slower so hopefully I can recuperate better....well thats the plan lol

Hope you all had a lovely Mother's day, I went to the cemetry to lay some flowers for my mum, some tulips because she always loved the beginning of spring when all the tulips and daffs came out.....I was shocked at how many cars there were driving up and down the cemetry grounds.....why cant ppl treat it as it should be "a resting place" instead of wacky races!!,.....I understand that ppl with disabilities need access but surely ppl that can walk should do so and park outside like we did, I had only just come out of hospital but I wouldn't dream of driving through

I guess you have noticed that I haven't put any cards on here lately, thats because I have only made what I needed to make i.e family bdays etc and havent thought to take photos of them before giving them out so I apologise for the lack of get up and go seems to have got up and gone lol

Anyway I will say bye for now and hopefully I will be on top form soon

Luv to all x


Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

Great big hugs for ya hun.....missing you at craft classes xxxx

Louise Emma said...

Hiya Cal, sorry to hear you have been going thru it again recently, hope all works out for you and that you are on top form soon babe x