Sunday, June 7, 2009

Here I am again....we (Bri & me) have been busy trying to landscape the garden and to give us a goal to aim at we (I should say me lol) decided that if it was complete by the time my birthday came around I would throw a barbecue/garden party....well its nearly finished and I am trying to organise the party...I have about 2o odd adults coming and approx 12 kiddies....soooo I am pretty busy with it all lol.....I dont do things by halves.....I have never had a bday party before so I gotta make this a guddun hee hee.....I still have my good days and my bad days in health but am trying to just get on with things otherwise I would be doing nothing lol.....I havent been in the craft room too often as I am shattered with all the other things going on so I havent got any cards to show you all yet.......speak again soon

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Louise Emma said...

Hope it all gets done in time, but make sure you don't make yourself poorly with all the work hun x Have fun x