Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another one for you....Im really getting into this lol......Ive been busy these last few days as the kiddies have been over to stay at nannies house because its the last week of the holidays and Sam goes back to school next week, oh its gone too fast for me but he is so ready for it again as he has loads of energy, I dont know how the teachers will cope if all the kids have the same amount of energy to use up lol........We took them to a soft play area to let them run off steam, but I think it was me that ran it off lol

This layout is a photo of my Birthday this year, we had a lovely day at Markeaton park near Derby, where there is a paddling pool for the kids with various swings etc, we had a picnic under a tree (which is a good job cos it rained a little bit) then the sun came out and we went for a paddle, the kids loved it and so did me and Emma x

On the way home from Emma's I got stuck on the motorway for two hours and I was only going up two junctions!!

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